Heater Service

Inside a gas heater. Heat Exchanger.

Your home heater is an investment you expect to perform every winter to keep you and your family warm when you need it. On that first frosty day, you certainly dont want your heater blowing cold air, or suddenly become a hazard. The answer to ensure your home heater meets your expectations and provides proper function and safe conditions each winter season, is to service and maintain your heater system each year so you and your family can stay nice and toasty on those chilly days.

Safety Matters

Also important to the health of you and your loved ones, regular heater service will determine the safety of your system. A cracked heat exchanger can be a silent killer if gone unnoticed as it excretes carbon monoxide.  Carbon Monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas can be secreted through any minor or major crack in the heat exchanger and can cause migraines or illness if inhaled. Trust the experts at Precision Aire to inspect and alert you of any signs of wear to help you stay healthy.

Keep Your Energy Costs Down…

Heating can make up about half of your utility bill in the winter here in Fresno, Ca & Clovis.— reduce those costs by scheduling routine Precision Aire heater Tune-Up, you can rest comfortably your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency while using the least amount of energy possible — resulting in decreased utility bills.

Maximize The Lifespan of Your Heater.

Like a car, regular heater & furnace maintenance allow your Fresno home’s heater to last longer than the average heating system. A well maintained system is a happy home.

Schedule your home heater service maintenance today! Let our caring, expert technicians here at Precision Aire check your system safety, efficiency and operation to prepare your home heater for the winter season. We service Fresno or Clovis or immediate cities.

Call 559-275-8866 to schedule your home heater service or you may submit a Service Request.

Heater Service Includes:

  • Oil all Motors
  • Check Motors
  • Check Heat Exchangers for Cracks or Leaks
  • Clean Burners
  • Check all Electrical
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check air filter (we do not carry air filters due to the wide variety, it will be the home owner’s duty to replace it if needed)
  • Check Run Capacitors
  • Check Complete Efficiency of Air Flow
  • Check the full cycle and operation of your Heater

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