Split Systems

Central Air Conditioning & Heating Split Systems AC Condensor

A Split System has multiple parts in a complete air conditioning and heating system. It is still all part of a central residential air conditioning and heating system. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you find the right replacement for any or all the components in a split system.

For instance, if your split system air conditioner is on the fritz but you are not ready to replace the condensor and furnace at the same time, we can help you find a condensor that will best be compatible with your existing furnace….and vise versa.

A central split system consists of an outdoor component (the condensor) and an indoor unit (furnace, or air handler).

mini splitMini Split Systems

A mini split system is recommended if you would like to heat and/or cool a smaller space such as a large utility room, home office, additions, that are not already connected to the homes main central hvac system. Reasons you might want a mini split system are:

  • You have a space that is not able to be connected to your existing hvac system either because of its location or size
  • The space your are wanting heat and ac for is an addition that you want separate from your central hvac
  • You have a home office that is too small to have its own unit but too big to add to the existing hvac system
  • You want to have an independent air conditioning and heating system in an area not connected to the home
  • The room is difficult to heat or cool with standard hvac configurations

We have many options and configurations for all split system types. Schedule an appointment with us today and have our expert technician show your the best options for your home and needs. Or give us a call at (559) 275-8866