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Precision Aire is the expert in heater repair Fresno residents trust when facing a malfunctioning furnace. Our team swiftly diagnoses and delivers cost-effective heater repair solutions that don’t break the bank. Expect amazing Fresno heater repair service including a 30-minute courtesy call, precise diagnostics, and transparent, flat-rate pricing without any hidden fees. Furthermore, we stand behind our heater repair Fresno work with a 1-year protection plan on the parts we replace, ensuring your home heating is reliable and you stay cozy when it matters most. Precision Aire can diagnose your broken heater or furnace and offer fast and affordable repairs. We are your solution to a warm home and stress free appointment for your home heater needs in Fresno and Clovis.

  • Experienced & Dependable

    Precision Aire has served Fresno, California and the surrounding areas since 1999. With decades of experience, we proudly offer reliable repair services in Fresno and the surrounding areas.

  • Licensed & Insured

    Our HVAC technicians are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind. This includes general liability coverage and worker’s compensation.

  • Locally Owned & Family Operated

    We are a Small Family Business and have been proud residents of Fresno all our lives. We are thankful for each customer and strive to give you great service.

Wondering whether your heater is malfunctioning? Perhaps it semi-operated last winter, but not to its full potential? Avoid the hassle of searching for “heater repair near me” or “heater repair fresno” during an icy 30-degree evening. Now’s the ideal time to call Precision Aire inspect your heating system and ensure it’s in top-notch condition, we are ready to serve you with expert heater repair services and all your heating needs right here in Fresno or Clovis.

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Over 27 Years Experience, 100% Financing Available (oac), Friendly Techs & Staff, Quick and Effective Diagnostics, locally Owned & Operated in Fresno, Ca

Not to mention, locally owned and operated in Fresno, Ca, our home heating repair service technicians are ready to improve the air quality in your home bringing your hvac system to tip top shape. Servicing your family’s heating and air conditioning needs since 1999.

Heater Repair Diagnostic is Free with Purchased Repair

At Precision Aire, our skilled and approachable technicians can swiftly pinpoint your heater repair issues in Fresno, ensuring you get back to a warm and snug environment often on the very same day. During our service call, a Precision Aire specialist will conduct a thorough assessment of your heater’s condition. Additionally, following the diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed estimate for the heater repair needed in your Fresno home, ensuring transparency and informed consent prior to initiating any repair work.

With over 27 years experience, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose your heater and air conditioning system efficiently and provide you the best, most cost effective heating repairs for your hvac system. Schedule your home heater or furnace repair diagnostic easily online now, or contact us to make an appointment today!

Is your home heater still heating but just needs regular maintenance and cleaning? Call to schedule your heater maintenance (559) 275-8866 or schedule online in the comfort of your home. 

Service areas are Fresno & Clovis and immediate surrounding cities.

Common Issues With Home Heating Systems

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Dirty or Clogged air filters are a common but simple issue that homeowners sometimes overlook. When your system cannot get proper airflow, it can and array if issues from causing your system to overheat, to no air throughout the system. Changing your air filters regularly and keeping good air flow can ensure your system has proper circulation.

Heater Ignition or Pilot Light Issues

Your home heater has an ignition control & pilot light that light the burners in your heater. Repairing an ignition control or pilot light can be dangerous. Precision Aire can diagnose and repair this issue safely and get you back to heating in no time.

Corroded Burners (“Heat Exchangers”)

The heat exchangers in your heater are the source your system uses to provide the heat in your home. They can also be the source of carbon monoxide leakage if they have corrosion or are brittle. On our visit, we will inspect your heat exchangers for any sign or corrosion or problem areas and advise if they need attention.

Dirty Components

Your heating system requires regular maintenance to ensure all electrical and mechanical components are clean and maintained. Dirty or sooted components can prohibit proper contact of electrical components. Our heating technicians can diagnose contact issues and advise you of your repair option.

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