HVAC Replacements

Home air conditioning and heating replacements. The products we install are carefully selected with you in mind. Price, quality and stability matters when we choose which brands to carry. Comparatively, we stay up to date on coming air conditioning and heating replacement rebates and tax incentives available for you to take advantage of so that you can get the most for your money for your install. Precision Aire is professional and knowledgable in all your air conditioning and heating installation and replacement needs. Simultaneously, each of our estimates are custom tailored to what your home requires as well as paying attention to your personal requests.


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Package Units

Package units are most common in Fresno, Ca. This is air conditioning and heating all in one, most commonly on the roof of your home.

We have specials often on package unit replacements, ask your Precision Aire technician about any specials this month.

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps systems were common in the country or mountains where gas is not readily available. However, today they are more efficient and becoming the prominent system in the hvac world. Heat Pump hvac installations are all electric package units or split systems. This smart air conditioning and heating system is packed with energy saving features AND QUALIFIES for Tax Credits and Rebates! 


Condensor units are air conditioning only and in most cases are located on the ground outside.

These ac installations sit on top of a cement or hardened high grade fiberglass pad.

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Precision Aire | Bosch Inverter Split System | HVAC Replacements


Furnaces installations are the other half to a split system, usually pairing up with a condensor. In most installs, furnaces can be located in a garage, in an attic or in a closet in the home.

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